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Call us: +233 302 243 699

Call us: +233 302 243 699

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do I pay the Insurance broker for their services to me or my organization?

Our broking services to you and your organization are free of cost.

Will my premium costs go higher if I deal with a broker instead of a direct insurer?

No, however, your premium may even be reviewed downwards when as your brokers we assess your risks and seek quotations from insurers in good standing.

In the event of a loss, must I admit liability, accept responsibility or make payments to the other party?

Do not admit liability in the event of any loss, pass on all information to us and we shall sail you through smoothly.

Which information must I give to the broker about my risk?

You must submit all relevant material facts to us.

Will I be entitled to return my premium at the end of the contract period if the insured event does not happen?

No, the insurance cover provides you with peace of mind after your premium is put in a pool to compensate others who suffer a loss.

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