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Call us: +233 302 243 699

Call us: +233 302 243 699

Claims Management

Claims epitomize the essence of the work we do as insurance brokers. Claims give expression to the quality of the insurance solutions we propose or buy for our clients. It also tests the adequacy or extent of protection we proffer to our customers.

We Do all the Heavy-lifting

It is at the point of claims that the interpretation both legal or otherwise is given to the insurance policy. Therefore, here at AllStar, we arrange your insurance protection with your legitimate claims in mind. We believe our claim services define to a large extent the overall quality the team presents.


Empathy is our watchword. In times of claims, the ability to put oneself in the shoes of a suffering client, be it a person or company, makes all the difference. For we pursue the claim as if we are the direct beneficiary. 


Our claims management philosophy puts you the client at the center, ensuring that all things work for your good.

  • Therefore, report all accidents/losses immediately to your broker.
  • Report incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agencies (police services, fire service, etc.).
  • Take pictures/videos as evidence of a loss event where applicable
  • Do not admit liability or fault
  • Our claims services to you are free of charge

    Have you reported the incident to the police?